Stun Gun

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Many people wonder if stun guns and\/or Tasers are legal in their state. Many states have either partial or complete constraints on these, while some states have completely no limitations. Tasers are really a special kind of stun gun, they work in the same manner. A regular stun gun, be it a little hand held device, a mobile phone look-a like, a flash light, or a baton, incapacitates an opponent by emptying his muscles of energy, making him fall to the earth for a brief time period, but long enough for a sufferer to escape. A Taser has probes that shoot out up to 15 attach to the clothing of the opponent and incapacitates him.

In Illinois, a stungun or Taser may only be sold to somebody who holds a legal Illinois FOID card. The seller must keep record of the sale for a decade, same as for a firearm purchase. A licensed firearms dealer should operate a background check on the buyer and there is a waiting period of 24 hours, same as to get long guns, shotguns and rifles. Within the city of Chicago, where its longstanding firearm prohibition has been raised thanks to the Supreme Court, the new ordinances involving weapons, but these likely apply to stun firearms and Tasers also. It is best to check with the local law enforcement officials to be sure.